At ESTA Signature, we create customized uniforms for corporations and companies that seek to deliver that extra personal touch in their own distinctive ways. From design to fabrics, colours and accessories, everything is tailored with our client’s Brand Image in mind.

Esther is personally involved in the design process and provides strict quality supervision, directing a highly qualified team with extensive experience in merchandising and production.

Marrying quality, affordability and innovative design, R2W aims to meet the service industry’s demand for ready-to-wear uniforms without the lead time and cost of a customized solution. Our uniforms are designed with form and functionality in mind, while keeping updated with the latest garment technology to make sure our design helps your staff perform their tasks with ease and comfort.

We carry a staple of evergreen designs to ensure that our clients never have to worry about keeping stocks, nor waiting time. With two fresh collections a year, R2W has a growing sample library of over 200 styles to choose from to cater to both your Front and Back of House needs.