ESTA has grown from a 2-person startup to a leading corporate wear company in 20 years, with offices in Singapore and China.


The key to success is our unique combination of design flair, corporate branding expertise and logistical know-how. Here at ESTA, we offer a one-stop solution for your uniform design, production, delivery and inventory needs.


Founded by acclaimed local designer, Esther Tay, our uniforms are designed with much emphasis on quality and flair. Through rigorous testing and fabric development, ESTA firmly believes in using high quality fabrics that provide comfort and style, while withstanding the rigors of daily wear.


We have two brand offerings:


ESTA Signature specializes in fully customized uniforms for companies looking to deliver that extra personal touch. From design development to fabrics, colours to accessories, we aim to enhance our Client's corporate image.


R2W offers distinctive ready-to-wear uniforms as a more economical option with quicker turnarounds to meet the service industry's demand. R2W carries a broad selection of classic workwear that caters to both your Front and Back of House uniform needs.


Many of our Clients combine the services of ESTA Signature and R2W for their uniform needs, as it eliminates the hassle of having multiple suppliers.


We are a one-stop uniform solution.


At ESTA, we believe that corporate wear is much more than another place to put your logo. Everyone wearing it is on the front line of your battle for business. Smart, comfortable clothes make people confident and perform to their best. In a digital world where Service Brands are receiving fewer face-to-face service encounters, each one is crucial.

In our business, a balance is struck between art and commerce. Esther Tay has designed clothes for clients all around the world, with expertise that goes beyond the drawing board to embrace fabric, cut and manufacturing aspects. She is also a leading image consultant who understands that aesthetic concerns must be disciplined by the needs of a Brand.

It is this balance between design flair and business understanding that makes ESTA unique. 


ESTA’s rigorous approach to every project begins before we put our pencil to the drawing board. It is a disciplined strategy that ensures what we design will you apart from the competition.



Our first step is to gather insights from stakeholders and to observe the environment for new design perspectives.

This is where we offer production, delivery and inventory management.



Design and prototyping will take place after collecting findings in the first two stages. We will then carry out a mass sizing exercise and material selection.

This is the discipline of the brand. It is about defining the right look and feel for your uniform, based on the current perceptions of your brand and incorporating brand image.